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Sales representatives (6)

Fringe benefitsú║

  1.  Basic salary + floating base salary + performance deduct (salary according to personal ability). 

  2.  Working hours 9:00~18:00, doní»t work during weekends, paid holidays, the company has annual travel activities.

Job description:

  1. Maintain the business of the old customers and develop new customers according to the resources provided by the company.

  2. Responsible for collecting new customers information and communicating effectively; understanding customer needs, looking for sales opportunities and achieving sales results; 

  3. Regularly communicate with cooperative clients and establish good long-term cooperative relationship.

Requirements for office:

  1. Good personal quality and professional ethics.

  2. Articulate, fluent Mandarin and strong voice.

  3. There is a high enthusiasm for sales work.

  4.  Strong learning ability and excellent communication skills.

  5. A keen market insight, a career mind, a sense of responsibility and a positive working attitude, related telephone sales experience and English communication skills.